by Tubz120, 317 days ago

Hey everyone,

This will come as unfortunate news to some, and exciting news to others. After having a serious discussion among the officers, we have decided it is in the guild's best interest to dismantle the EU 25-man raid. The main reason for this decision is due to the fact that recently, the EU raid has been regressing in-terms of player turnout and retention more than recruitment can keep up with. At the same time, the NA team has slowly continued to build up a fairly solid core and has made progress from week-to-week, but is still struggling to fill the gaps in our roster currently held by sub-par or unreliable players. At this point, having two separate raid teams both struggling due to roster-related issues just doesn't make sense. It is for these reasons that the EU officers have expressed interest in merging the separate raids back into a combined raid similar to when the guild first formed.

With this change, the guild will now be considered an NA/late-night EU weekend raiding guild. The goal is to transform from what was a semi-serious raiding guild into an efficient, focused raiding guild consisting of a 25-man core that takes progression seriously. There are several changes we will implement to work towards achieving this:

1. Starting next week (7/22), raids will begin 2 hours earlier than their previous start times (Fri/Sat 10:30pm server). The Friday raid will last 6 hours (ending 4:30am server), while the Saturday raid will remain 4 hours in duration (now ending 2:30am server due to the shifted start time). This is a compromise with considering a 3rd raid day. Going forward, we are going to need these few extra hours if we plan on clearing the more difficult hard-modes and making solid progress on heroic modes in future raids. If you cannot make raid times this early on Friday that is okay, just let an officer know. The goal isn't to lose our solid players over this change, but simply to allow more time to clear farm content on the first raid night in order to open up the second night for pure focus on progression.

2. With the merger we will have more solid players to pool from. This means raid spots are more competitive. Consistently poor performance will not be tolerated. Players will be expected to come to raids prepared and know fight mechanics ahead of time. We will no longer be reexplaining every ability/mechanic a boss has each week. Raiders are expected to be committed and serious enough to research and know these things ahead of time. Details/assignments related to a specific strategy we use on a boss will of-course be reviewed.

3. With a more serious focus on progression, and more competition between raid spots, players need to show up on-time for raids. Start time means when we start pulling, not when people should start trickling on-line. If you're going to log in close to raid start time, please prep your character a day or two in advance (i.e. have consumables and be stationed outside the raid portal).

4. Recruitment will continue, however I'm working on a way to make the application process a bit more demanding simply to distinguish the good players from the bad.

Over the next few days officers will be contacting EU raiders that have proven themselves to be the types of players we're looking for. For the rest, you're welcome to remain in guild and I wish you all the best. If anyone has questions/concerns feel free to contact me in-game.



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